thanks for checking out my music photos. If you’re wondering about me/them….I picked up a camera in middle school and never stopped shooting. Since then, I’ve shot hundreds of bands and worked for numerous record labels, magazines, publications, despots, websites, venues, promoters….you get the idea and artist bios are tedious.

In addition to my work on this site…..

I’m an owner of the amazing Brooklyn based print/scan/studio space Borough Photo. We offer many custom photographic services, including archival digital and darkroom printing, a plethora of scanning options, and have a full photography studio with many lights and cameras. I built a BB gun shooting range on our roof. You can print out any face you want, put it on a target and shoot it repeatedly. Very satisfying.


I’m a board member, helped design/build, and teach weekly classes at the Bushwick Community Darkroom. We have full B&W and color darkrooms, alternative process and large format darkrooms, as well as film developing and scanning labs. We have a darkroom cat. His name is Chunks.


I shoot medium and large format film cameras, not at bands. You can check out some of that work here.


You can check out my band Instagram page to see the most current shows I’ve shot. I’m not online much so don’t, you know, hold your breath for updates. Because you’ll die that way, and life is for the living.


But enough about me. So, how are you?